Capillary leak syndrome history and symptoms

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History and Symptoms

The symptoms of systemic capillary leak syndrome may be categorized as prodromal and acute attack symptoms. Flulike illness and myalgias were characteristic of crisis in most patients, however, the prodromata varied significantly. Most patient reported exhaustion, fatigue, and light-headedness at the onset of an attack.

Below are the tables that depict symptoms characteristic of prodromal and acute phase of capillary leak syndrome.[1]

Symptoms that are seen during the prodromal phase of capillary leak syndrome
Prodromal Symptoms
  1. Fatigue
  2. Presyncope/light-headedness
  3. Flulike illness
  4. Myalgias
  5. Scratchy throat
  6. Change in mood
  7. Reduced urinary frequency
  8. Dark urine

Symptoms present during an acute attack of capillary leak syndrome
Acute attack Symptoms
  1. Pain (generalized body aches or localized pain, excluding cephalgia)
  2. Nausea/Vomiting
  3. Fever
  4. Flushing
  5. Jaw claudication
  6. Dyspnea
  7. Dysphagia
  8. Loss of consciousness
  9. Periorbital edema/facial swelling
  10. Weight gain
  11. Increased thirst
  12. Diaphoresis
  13. Hoarseness
  14. Headaches
  15. Rhinorrhea
  16. Rash
  17. Arthralgia
  18. Lacrimation
  19. Pruritus


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