Coenzyme B

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Coenzyme B
IUPAC name 2-[(7-mercapto-1-oxoheptyl)amino]-3-phosphonooxybutanoic acid
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Molar mass 343.333641
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Coenzyme B is a coenzyme required for redox reactions in methanogens. The full chemical name of coenzyme B is 7-thioheptanoylthreoninephosphate.[1] The molecule contains a thiol, which is its principal site of reaction.

Coenzyme B reacts with 2-methylthioethanesulfonate, abbreviated CH3-S-CoM, to release methane in methanogenesis:[2]

CH3-S-CoM + HS-CoB → CH4 + CoB-S-S-CoM

This conversion is catalyzed by the enzyme methyl coenzyme M reductase, which contains cofactor F430 as the prosthetic group.

A related conversion that utilizes both HS-CoB and HS-CoM is the reduction of fumarate to succinate, catalyzed by fumarate reductase:[3]



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